Tomorrow Will Never Come

Tomorrow Will Never Come

I am not a fortune teller, but I can tell you right now how much time you have available to live from no on. Don’t call your doctor; there’s no time for that. You have only one moment to live. And this moment is all yours. 

If you live it entirely, you can:

  • Fulfill your dreams. 
  • Achieve your goals. 
  • Feel happy and satisfied. 
  • Secure your life. 
  • Make others happy and take care of them. 

As you can see, this moment is very powerful, and it can change your life – how to say – in a moment

I am sure you can guess which is this moment. Of course, it is the present moment. Now! Why “now”? 

Why not “the next 60 years”? No, forget about them. There’s no future and no past. You cannot live in them.

The future is just the sum of other “now” moments. When they come, they become “now.” So the future can be considered as an illusion.

The past is a collection of your memories about “now”-moments you’ve already lived. This way, you can tell that the past is just a relic.

The present is the time in which you are living. You are here and now. At least your body is. If your mind is somewhere else, get it back immediately, because you will need it. 

Now is the moment to:

  • Do things. 
  • Say your words. 
  • Finish that project. 
  • Meet your friends. 
  • Love your spouse. 
  • Play with your children. 
  • Quit the job you hate. 
  • Start learning Italian. 
  • Go to the gym and do some exercise. 
  • Pick up the phone and call your parents. 

The present moment is the moment to change your destiny. If you miss it, it will not come back. “Carpe Diem, Baby” – that’s Metallica, and they are damn right.

NOW Is the Time of Winners! Tomorrow is for Losers!

So, just do it and make sure you are doing it now!