Systems Always Win

Systems Always Win

Here is the simplest system for achieving success:

Step 1: Define what you want, what would you consider as success.

Step 2: Define a strategy and action plan – a list of steps to perform that lead to obtaining the desired outcome.

Step 3: Do the next step of the action plan.

Step 4: Check if the goal has been achieved.

Step 5: If not – go to Step 3. If yes – celebrate.

Of course, this “system” is too basic. We can go into details and define if-else forks and all the logic behind. This is just a small example, but no matter the scale, if you have your system in place – business system, workout system, pickup system, negotiating system, you name it – it will eventually lead to achieving the goal.

What do you need in order to build an efficient system?

Element 1: A set of rules.

Element 2: A set of processes, activities and procedures.

Element 3: Key metrics and a methodology to track and analyze them.

Element 4: Input / Triggers.

Element 5: Output / Results.

There is one more good thing about the systems. When you have them implemented, they are replicable and scalable.

To make the long story short – you need systems. In your business. In your life.

Systems always win!