What Kind of Resumes I Hate to See?

What Kind of Resumes I Hate to See?

We are always looking for talented people for our team. Also, while our business is going up (like now) some roles are all the time open for new candidates. The side effect is that I am reviewing around 30-50 resumes almost every day. Unfortunately, less than 10% of the applicants succeed to catch my attention. Most of the applications I remove or just ignore.

The common thing between all of them is that they (their authors) do not respect my time and/or are not relevant to the role I am hiring for.

Here are some of the signs that push me to hit the DELETE button (or close my eyes):


If the job role is announced as “E-commerce Graphical Designer” don’t even try to apply if your experience is with creating posters and menus for restaurants. Your skills are irrelevant. I cannot afford to spend lots of time in teaching you the specifics. Maybe you think you know how to do it. You  don’t. Your CV will end up in the bin.

Not Matching the Key Requirements

If I say “Expert knowledge and experience in Photoshop” I expect you to be the god of Photoshop, not someone who has experience with Canva, but is a “quick learner”. 

Bad Formatting and Design

If your resume is ugly, it goes to the trash folder. If you don’t have a basic taste how to prepare a simple document to look nice and readable, I don’t want to work with you. You don’t match my style. We don’t share same values.

No Links and Resources for Further Research

I need to know more about you. If you don’t make it easy for me to see your website, read your blog, browse your social media profiles, I won’t do it. If I don’t learn whatever I need to know about you, I will skip to the next candidate. It is as simple as that.

No Portfolio Link Provided

If you are applying for a design-related role, the first thing I do is to find your portfolio link and see what can you do in the real life. If I don’t find it in 3 seconds, your resume goes south. If you are applying for a non-design position, you still need to demonstrate a track record of achievements. It is up to you to find a way to do it and make it easy for me to see it.

Long and Descriptive

Look, I’d love to read more about you, but I don’t have too much time. Please, use as few words as possible, be straight to the point and make the text easily readable. Use bullets. Use pictures. Put an order and structure. If I cannot read something I just skip it. You lose an advantage.

No Photo

I know that in some countries, using a photo is not mandatory. Anyway, I will find your photo on social media or linked in. It is up to you to make my life easier (and save my time) by letting me know who am I dealing with as early as opening your resume.

Managers (and recruiters) have a very tight attention span being overloaded with tons of tasks. If you want to attract their attention (and hold it long enough), try to highlight the exact things they are looking for, save their time and make their life easier. They (we) will appreciate that.

Marketing Operations 2021 and Onwards

Marketing Operations 2021 and Onwards

Marketing Operations Management is something we neglect in the early stages of the business but when the things get traction and everything starts moving fast, we realize that our marketing is a mess of stressed team members, endless task lists and unrealistic schedules.

At this point we realize that we should have been investing more time in building our marketing processes and establishing an efficient and scalable marketing framework for our team.

I would like to share some online resources related to the state of Marketing Operations today and its importance for the future.

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Marketing Operations: The Guide for 2021
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Marketing Operations Trends and Planning for 2021
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Please, share your thoughts and experience with marketing operations in your organization.

How to Succeed on UAE’s Career Market and Get a High-Paying Job?

How to Succeed on UAE’s Career Market and Get a High-Paying Job?

The bad news is that there is not an easy way to the big salary check. The good news, though, is that – actually – there is a way. Here are the milestones of a successful career hunting strategy in the UAE:

Milestone #1: Know Exactly What You Want?

With tens, even hundreds, of thousands of candidates on the market that are applying like crazy, you need to be focused in order to be efficient. You cannot afford to apply for all the jobs available, as many of the applicants do.

Define what you really want, what would be your dream job. Then identify the companies (or industries) which you would be happy to work for. When those two are checked, you can go to the job market with an open heart. 

Milestone #2: Know What Value You can Offer?

When looking for a job, actually you are selling yourself as a product. Your future employer does not care to much about your education or experience, but for the results you can achieve for him/her. 

The education and experience are important as indicators of what you are capable of, but they are not enough.

You have to think well and master your offer. Yes, this is an offer. What is the real value you can offer to your future employer. Sum it up and make it prominent in your CV and LinkedIn profile.

Milestone #3: Setup Your Stunning Presentation

The best case scenario would be if you prepare and get ready all the weapons for the career hunting war. This means that you should have at least: a perfect CV/Resume, a polished LinkedIn profile, a website with a professional blog and several good references.

To make it look even better, it would matter if you have a track record of expert certifications, as well as a prominent social media activity and publications, related to your industry.

This is the way to differentiate from the rest 99% of the candidates.

Milestone #4: Pull the Right Strings

As I said before, there are some strategies for job hunting that are not working anymore. It is crucial for your success to pick the right strategies and apply them the right way, pitching the right people. 

The idea here is to achieve measurable results (interviews, offers) with as little as possible efforts. You don’t want to search for a job 10 hour per day for 6+ months, right?

Milestone #5: Win the Numbers Game

Efficient or not, you need to do the heavy lifting. You need to find positions, companies and recruiters and apply, pitch, message, call, hustle.

You need to do it enough times in order to reach the tipping point and receive a feedback and, hopefully, the desired interview invitation.

Milestone #6: Beware of Scammers

My experience shows that if something sounds too good to be true it usually stinks. I have faced a lot of recruitment scams while searching for a job in UAE.

You need to be very careful and instantly become very-very suspicious when somebody – a company or recruitment agency – starts chasing you, being to helpful or proactive.

On a market with such vast competition nobody goes after you begging you to take the job. Believe me.

Milestone #7: Grab Only the Right Opportunity

When the first interview and the first offer come, you will be very happy. You will feel like the King go the World. 

I know that it sounds insane, but, think twice before accepting the offer. Make sure you are getting the right job for you – for your needs and skills. 

You need to be sure you can deliver what you have promised. The new employer will expect you to OVER-deliver on EVERYTHING you have promised. Keep that in mind.

Looking for a Job In UAE? Here's an Important Update!

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What are the Main Obstacles for Career Success in UAE?

What are the Main Obstacles for Career Success in UAE?

I assume that you are well qualified and willing to work hard while getting a high salary in a good company in the United Arab Emirates.

Why then you are still not getting there? What could be the obstacles?

Obstacle #1: It is Hard to be Noticed

There are thousands of job hunters in the UAE and even more now, during the COVID-19 crisis. Most of them are desperate to find a job and are applying everywhere. 

Most of them even apply for jobs that are not even relevant to their experience and skills. 

This causes a lot of noise and makes it incredibly hard for recruiters and employers to discover the right candidate. 

Even if you are the perfect match, they won’t notice your CV among all the hundreds of applicants. 

Obstacle #2: You are Not Winning the Numbers Game

In job hunting, success is a numbers game. If you do not submit enough amount of applications, you will not reach the critical mass needed to get through the hype.

In some of the industries, the ratio is even 500:1. That means you need to submit at least 500 application in order to receive one invitation for interview.

So, if you are not doing enough, you cannot reach the tipping point.

Obstacle #3: You are Not Remarkable Enough

If you get long-listed, another problem appears. At this, semi-final stage, you will be in the company of the best of the best candidates. Each one of you have overcame the competition of hundreds of other applicants.

If you are not remarkable in your presentation and appearance, you can get rejected on this stage as well. In this case you are not going to get the call for interview.

I can state some more obstacles, but I think those are the major ones. If you succeed to go through them, your chances for success increase dramatically.

So much with the bad news. Let’s get some positive vibes. What could be your strategy for success in UAE?

Looking for a Job In UAE? Here's an Important Update!

If you are looking for a job in United Arab Emirates, I have bad news for you. However, I have good news for you as well. Click on. the button below to learn more about how to find your dream. job falser and beat the fierce competition (500+ applicants for each position within 24 hours).

What Is Not Working On UAE’s Job Hunting Market Anymore?

What Is Not Working On UAE’s Job Hunting Market Anymore?

I have submitted literally thousands of applications, had hundreds of discussions and messages and got tens of interviews per month. I have spoken with many recruiters and managers on UAE’s market.

It turns out that some strategies that people were using for years (even now) are not working anymore. Which ones? Read below.

Wrong Strategy #1: “Just” Submitting Your CV

It is definitely not enough to just send your CV over email or through LinkedIn. Nobody will notice your application. Nobody. Recruiters are overwhelmed and – in most cases – they use search engines and even A.I.s to shortlist the candidates. So, there is no way to stand out buy the simple act of submitting your application or – even worse – just your CV.

Wrong Strategy #2: Cold Calling/Messaging

If you go further and after submitting your application you and send a message or call the particular company or recruitment agency, in 99% of the case you will not getting any response. If you get some, usually it is about to tell you that they don’t have relevant positions or that your application haven’t got through.

Wrong Strategy #3: Sitting On Your Experience and Education Only

You can have an MBA or Ph.D. or 15 years of experience on the field. All this matters but it is not enough. You need to be noticed first and this is almost impossible on a saturated and overcrowded career market like the one in UAE. 

Obviously, it is a good idea to avoid strategies that does not work anymore.

Looking for a Job In UAE? Here's an Important Update!

If you are looking for a job in United Arab Emirates, I have bad news for you. However, I have good news for you as well. Click on. the button below to learn more about how to find your dream. job falser and beat the fierce competition (500+ applicants for each position within 24 hours).