The bad news is that there is not an easy way to the big salary check. The good news, though, is that – actually – there is a way. Here are the milestones of a successful career hunting strategy in the UAE:

Milestone #1: Know Exactly What You Want?

With tens, even hundreds, of thousands of candidates on the market that are applying like crazy, you need to be focused in order to be efficient. You cannot afford to apply for all the jobs available, as many of the applicants do.

Define what you really want, what would be your dream job. Then identify the companies (or industries) which you would be happy to work for. When those two are checked, you can go to the job market with an open heart. 

Milestone #2: Know What Value You can Offer?

When looking for a job, actually you are selling yourself as a product. Your future employer does not care to much about your education or experience, but for the results you can achieve for him/her. 

The education and experience are important as indicators of what you are capable of, but they are not enough.

You have to think well and master your offer. Yes, this is an offer. What is the real value you can offer to your future employer. Sum it up and make it prominent in your CV and LinkedIn profile.

Milestone #3: Setup Your Stunning Presentation

The best case scenario would be if you prepare and get ready all the weapons for the career hunting war. This means that you should have at least: a perfect CV/Resume, a polished LinkedIn profile, a website with a professional blog and several good references.

To make it look even better, it would matter if you have a track record of expert certifications, as well as a prominent social media activity and publications, related to your industry.

This is the way to differentiate from the rest 99% of the candidates.

Milestone #4: Pull the Right Strings

As I said before, there are some strategies for job hunting that are not working anymore. It is crucial for your success to pick the right strategies and apply them the right way, pitching the right people. 

The idea here is to achieve measurable results (interviews, offers) with as little as possible efforts. You don’t want to search for a job 10 hour per day for 6+ months, right?

Milestone #5: Win the Numbers Game

Efficient or not, you need to do the heavy lifting. You need to find positions, companies and recruiters and apply, pitch, message, call, hustle.

You need to do it enough times in order to reach the tipping point and receive a feedback and, hopefully, the desired interview invitation.

Milestone #6: Beware of Scammers

My experience shows that if something sounds too good to be true it usually stinks. I have faced a lot of recruitment scams while searching for a job in UAE.

You need to be very careful and instantly become very-very suspicious when somebody – a company or recruitment agency – starts chasing you, being to helpful or proactive.

On a market with such vast competition nobody goes after you begging you to take the job. Believe me.

Milestone #7: Grab Only the Right Opportunity

When the first interview and the first offer come, you will be very happy. You will feel like the King go the World. 

I know that it sounds insane, but, think twice before accepting the offer. Make sure you are getting the right job for you – for your needs and skills. 

You need to be sure you can deliver what you have promised. The new employer will expect you to OVER-deliver on EVERYTHING you have promised. Keep that in mind.

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