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If your marketing team needs answers or has a struggle which needs an urgent resolution, let’s have a 1-3 hours consulting session (in person or online). During that time, we will:

  • Discuss the struggle (What?)
  • Identify the core reason (Why?)
  • Figure out how to solve it (How?)
  • Plan the next actions (Who? When?)

The process:

  • Prepare your questions and the struggle description.
  • Purchase one or more consulting slots.
  • Book a consultation session.

Price: $500 per session

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Marketing Department AUDIT 360

Allow Me to Check

It is very important to know where you stand in order to be able to grow and improve. An initial 360-degree marketing department audit will give you the needed clarity and will identify the path to greatness.

I will audit the three elements of your department:

  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Reporting

Each element will be explored from all the major perspectives:

  • Process
  • Platform
  • People
  • Promotion (communication)
  • Performance

Based on the data collected and after a deep analysis of the findings, I will provide a detailed report, consisting of three main (big) sections:

  • Current situation: Where are we standing?
  • Suggested transformation: What can and should be improved?
  • Roadmap, action plan and timeline: What, when and who should be done?

There are three versions of the service:

Do It Yourself: I provide all the tools (guidebooks, workbooks, templates), you and your team do the work.
Price: $1,000.

Collect & Consult: You collect all the data (using the guidebooks, workbooks and templates provided), I deliver the suggested transformation and the action plan.
Price: $2,000.

Leave It to Me: I communicate with you and your team and do all the work – from collecting the information, analysis, suggestions and action plan.
Price: $4,000.

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Marketing Team COACHING

Let Me Help

If you need me to help your team to shift to the next level by pro-actively mentoring, coaching and mentoring them, here’s what I can do for you:

  • Identify the needs and struggles.
  • Craft the training/up-skilling curriculum (customized for your team).
  • Teach and coach.
  • Measure the results and adjust the approach for improvement.

We can do this with different levels of engagement from my side. Here are the available options:

Monthly session: I meet your team every month for around 4-6 hours + I support them on daily basis via email and group chat (space).
Price: $2,000 per month.

Weekly Sessions: I meet your team every week for around 3 hours + I support them on daily basis via email and group chat (space).
Price: $4,000 per month.

Daily Sessions: I meet your team every day for around an hour + I support them on daily basis via email and group chat (space).
Price: $8,000 per month.

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