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Workshops: À la Carte or Customized

World of Innovation, Disruption and Competition

In today’s world of innovation, disruption and hostile competition you need to improve. Daily. All the time. Your team is your most powerful asset and their skills and knowledge need constant sharpening and development.

How can I help? Training Areas

I can prepare, lead and assess your team’s training, workshop or coaching in the most important areas of business:


Marketing Technology

There are more than 3,000 marketing apps and tools. You don’t need all of them, but I must master the ones that will bring most value for your business.


Optimize for Sales

Your data is your treasure, but the key to the chest is the ability to analyze and understand this data and to use it to improve y our business.


Marketing Strategy and Planning

How to analyze and prepare a viable marketing strategy and action plan and how to make it happen.


Marketing Management and Processes

Your marketing team can perform better, I guarantee you that. Learn how to plan and implement an efficient processes and operating procedures system and turbocharge the marketing.

Email Marketing

Land In Their Inboxes

Email marketing is one of the most efficient and profitable channels for communication with your audience. Learn how to make it work for your business.

Content Marketing

Build Authority

Creating quality content builds your brand authority and improves the trust of your customers. Improve your team’s skills on this field.


Marketing on Autopilot?

Certain marketing processes can be automated. This way you improve their efficiency and measurability. Educate your team and implement marketing automation workflows this quarter.


Presentations and Documents

Master PowerPoint, Excel and Word, improve your team’s presentation skills and impress your clients, management and team.

Workshop Elements

Each workshop – à la carte or custom – has several important elements that guarantee the most efficient and straightforward way of transferring knowledge and skills. These elements are:


Review of the training/workshop and presenting its purpose, strategy and agenda.


What are the theoretical aspects of the topic. Helps to see the structure, the big picture.


Examples and case studies from the real world.


Live or recorded demonstrations that show students how to apply the new skills.


Students have the chance to exercise the new skills and receive my expert feedback and adjustment.


Every training or workshop has a dedicated slot of time for questions, answers and discussions.


The real implementation begins after the workshop. Students have specific set of tasks to execute at home or in the office.


Learning is a process. That’s why, on each of the workshops I provide further resources – books, articles, courses, tools, templates – for learning and improvement.

À la Carte Workshops

All workshops can be customized regarding your team’s needs. However, I offer a set of 10 main workshops which have proven their value to my clients and are ready to be presented to your team. Please, check the topics out and see how many of them you would love.

Marketing Audit, Strategy and Plan

A practical training that presents a proven methodology for analyzing the marketing situation of each business (online or offline), bringing out practical ideas for improvement, developing a strategy and preparing an adequate action plan that leads to real results.

Marketing Management and Processes

The training enables marketing managers, marketing directors and company executives to put their marketing management on a stable foundation, to introduce workflows and well-structured activities.

Online Business Platform

Online business and marketing operate on an infrastructure of various software and hardware technologies. If we do not know how to use them and how to build our presence with their help, we remain far behind, both in terms of our competitors and in the development of modern business and marketing.

Email Marketing for Results

The workshop covers all the important points of the email marketing and its use in the most effective way. It affects both the theoretical and practical side of email marketing, as well as strategy, tactics, best practices, technology tools and many hands-on exercises.

Landing Page Optimization

The workshop covers various types of landing pages, strategies for building and methods for optimizing them. Emphasis is on A / B testing and optimization processes for conversions. Special types of landing pages and their application are also considered.

The Perfect Online Campaign

The workshop covers planning, preparing, running and analyzing a campaign for launching new product, event, book, promotion or activity. 

Optimization for Sales

All the major elements of Conversion Rate Optimization, as well as additional ideas, practices, and approaches are covered in this intense and practical workshop.

Mastering Copywriting

This training covers the basic principles, strategies and practices of persuasive writing (triggering clients to act, activsting) for various communication channels and audiences.

E-commerce Basics

The workshop covers the entire e-commerce process – from defining the market, creating the platform to the traffic acquisition strategy and building a loyalty program.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Introductory Marketing Training. The course covers all the basic concepts of online marketing, giving both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field. It is suitable for both beginners and intermediate students.

Corporate Communications

Email etiquette and business correspondence through various channels. Documents, presentations and spreadsheets design and structuring.

Office Security

Password strength, privacy, prevent phishing and other digital security best practices for teams.

Each of the workshops takes one business day. It has 5 sessions, 90 minutes each.
We have 3 coffee breaks x 15 min and a 45-60 minutest lunch break.

Why Me?

I am an experienced omni-channel marketing, martech, and digital transformation expert with practical knowledge in marketing strategy & execution, leading marketing teams, and optimizing digital business models. I also have significant experience in team training, in-house coaching, and e-learning. Additionally, I can demonstrate a strong background in analyzing, creating, and implementing business processes and operation procedures in organizations of various types. I am holding a Ph.D. in Business Models on the Internet. I have been working on the field of training, consulting, digital technology, and marketing since 1999 (19+ years).


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