If you are looking for a job here, you should consider these factors because they will have a strong effect on your job hunting efforts.

Factor #1: Fierce Competition

UAE and Dubai in particular is a very popular destination not only for tourists but for the job seekers as well. Over the years, the competition rose to unthinkable levels. 

If you apply for any job opening today, you will see that more than 500 people also applied for the same position within the next 24 hours. 

Factor #2: The COVID-19 Pandemic

Unfortunately, this year was not very good for the businesses. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many companies closes doors and tens of thousands of employees have been sent to their homes.

Now, the business is waking up and the job market quickly turns into a boiling pot. Vast number of people are desperately looking for new jobs and this makes the competitions even more hostile and fierce.

Factor #3: Expectations Elevated Too High

Many companies now prefer to hire employees with not so perfect skills and education since they can pay them less and try to educate and train them in-house.

Also, there was time when you have got tons of benefits by accepting a job in the Middle East. Accommodation, school for the kids, huge bonuses, cars, I could get such stuff, depending on the employer. 

Not anymore. Your salary will still be better than one in a lot of other countries, but you can expect your benefits to be cut almost to zero. 

So, if you have set your expectations too high, dreaming for driving Ferraris all day long, this will stop you of getting the reality-proof jobs that may appear on your radar.

I am not saying that there are not high salaries and lots of benefits here. I am just saying that it is getting harder to catch them now.

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