I have submitted literally thousands of applications, had hundreds of discussions and messages and got tens of interviews per month. I have spoken with many recruiters and managers on UAE’s market.

It turns out that some strategies that people were using for years (even now) are not working anymore. Which ones? Read below.

Wrong Strategy #1: “Just” Submitting Your CV

It is definitely not enough to just send your CV over email or through LinkedIn. Nobody will notice your application. Nobody. Recruiters are overwhelmed and – in most cases – they use search engines and even A.I.s to shortlist the candidates. So, there is no way to stand out buy the simple act of submitting your application or – even worse – just your CV.

Wrong Strategy #2: Cold Calling/Messaging

If you go further and after submitting your application you and send a message or call the particular company or recruitment agency, in 99% of the case you will not getting any response. If you get some, usually it is about to tell you that they don’t have relevant positions or that your application haven’t got through.

Wrong Strategy #3: Sitting On Your Experience and Education Only

You can have an MBA or Ph.D. or 15 years of experience on the field. All this matters but it is not enough. You need to be noticed first and this is almost impossible on a saturated and overcrowded career market like the one in UAE. 

Obviously, it is a good idea to avoid strategies that does not work anymore.

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